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How To Get To Reykjavik From Keflavík International Airport (KEF) and Costs


You just landed in Iceland – sweet! Now you need to figure out how to get to Reykjavik from the airport. This article will cover the various ways that will get you to where you need to be, with helpful links and information regarding tips and costs along the way.

Getting to Reykjavik from Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

Getting To Reykjavik by Car 🚗

The best way to get around Iceland is to rent a car, or campervan, depending on how you’re planning your trip. While there are plenty of rental agencies available to choose from, we had a great experience with Campervan Iceland and would highly recommend booking through their website. Otherwise, feel free to start a search on your own and find the best rate. Just make sure to do your research for what type of car you need before you book!

Travel time to drive directly from the airport to Reykjavik takes about 40-50 minutes. That being said, if you have a car, we recommend opting to visit the surrounding area first to get an immediate taste of what Iceland has to offer. There are plenty of attractions close by, such as the Blue Lagoon spa and Bridge Between Continents, among other sights. You can discover more to do near the Reykjanes Peninsula by checking out our Day 1 Iceland itinerary!

Having your own car lends the opportunity to explore Iceland’s vast landscape and it gives you more freedom to see the country on your own terms. When you’re deciding on what type of car to book, it’s important to note that you should take the time of year you’re visiting into account. For example, if you plan on visiting during the winter from December to March when there is more snow, or if attractions that are part your trip itinerary involve traveling on F-Roads, then you’ll need a 4×4 car. Costs are also heavily dependent on what type of vehicle you’re renting, the time of year and for how long.

Click here get directions to Reykjavik from Keflavík International Airport (KEF) or view the map below:

Iceland Car Rental Costs Per Day and Busy Season 💵

When evaluating car rental prices in Iceland, it’s important to take the time of year you’re thinking about visiting into consideration. The summer months (May – August) are definitely the busiest time to visit Iceland, due to more favorable weather and how much longer the sun is up. Therefore, that is the most expensive time to visit. Below, you will find an approximate breakdown of the cheapest months for car rentals in Iceland per day.

8,509 ISK / $70 USD

8,106 ISK / $67 USD

8,073 ISK / $67 USD

8,494 ISK / $70 USD

8,928 ISK / $74 USD

10,345 ISK / $86 USD

13,390 ISK / $111 USD

14,700 ISK / $122 USD

10,204 ISK / $84 USD

7,534 ISK / $62 USD

7,294 ISK / $60 USD

7,374 ISK / $61 USD

Note: These prices will differ depending on the type of vehicle you’re renting (compact car vs. 4×4 vs. campervan), but the general cost basis will be similar.

Getting To Reykjavik By Bus 🚌

The best way to get between Reykjavik and the airport by bus is by using FlybusTickets can be booked in advance online or you can buy them right at the kiosks in the arrivals area. Obviously, we think booking ahead of time is the way to go and will help you avoid any lines at the kiosks to get you on your way! The bus stop is right outside the terminal, and buses usually leave around every 30 minutes. It’s also worth noting that your ticket will be honored, even if your flight gets delayed.

There is free Wi-Fi on the bus, but it’s much more interesting to look out the bus windows to catch your first glimpse of the Icelandic landscape! When you’re booking your tickets online or at the kiosks, there will be plenty of available options for the bus to drop you right at wherever you are staying, which is very convenient.

Campervan Iceland

Campervan Iceland

Blue Lagoon


Krýsuvík - Seltún

Iceland Bus Fares and Costs 💵

While it depends on exactly where you are going, it will generally cost about 3,999 ISK / $34 USD for a One Way adult ticket and about 6,999 ISK / $59 USD for a Round Trip adult ticket from the airport to Reykjavik. There are reduced fare discounts available for teenagers 12-15 years old (around 50%) and children 1-11 years old ride free! To get a sense of exact pricing, visit Flybus’s website here.

Flybus does not go to the Blue Lagoon from the airport, but Reykjavik Excursions does and the price includes bus fare to the Blue Lagoon, as well as on to Reykjavik or back to Keflavík International Airport (KEF). The cost is 5,449 ISK / $46 USD and note that this cost does not include entry to the Blue Lagoon, although you can find tour packages that are all-inclusive on their website. You can find the bus schedule times here to help plan timing around your trip.

Iceland Taxis and Ride Sharing 🚕

Taxis provide an easy and convenient way to get to and from the airport, but they tend to be the most expensive option. The price for taxi is around 13,500 ISK / $113 USD One Way to Reykjavik.

There are no ride sharing services (i.e. Uber and Lyft) available in Iceland, but you don’t need them! There are plenty of other options, as outlined above, to get to and from Reykjavik. The best way to get around Iceland is either renting your own car or choosing a tour bus operator.

Getting To Reykjavik By Train 🚃

While there isn’t a train option yet, Iceland is expected to start construction on an airport train line in 2022, which will be named the ‘Lava Express’. The expected price for a one way ticket will be 3,300 ISK or $28 USD and we will update this article once we have more information!

Bottom Line

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need to get to Reykjavik from the airport, get out there and start booking your trip! If you need any tips, check out our Ultimate 6 Day Iceland Travel Guide and Itinerary for inspiration.

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