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North Bubble Trail – Acadia National Park


North Bubble Trail is a great option for anyone, with a round trip distance of just over two miles and an elevation gain of approximately 500 feet. It should be a top 3 hike on your itinerary when visiting Acadia National Park and offers views over both Eagle Lake and Jordan Pond.

Quick Facts

Time Spent1 hour
Best Time to Visit?Morning
Distance0.9 Miles (Roundtrip)
Type of TrailThere & Back
Bathroom Available?No
Cost for EntryFree
Worth It?Must Go
Hiking DifficultyBeginner to Moderate
Seasonal?Spring - Fall

Ā Note: Always check trail status and weather conditions before visiting

Attraction Tips

Parking is very limited - get there early!

There is extremely limited parking at this trailhead, so make sure to do this first thing in the morning (before 8am). You can also park at Jordan Pond House and hike from there, but it’ll be a bit longer and that parking lot also fills up quickly. Either way – do this hike early and you’ll have it to yourself!

The views are incredible

This is one of the best views in the entire park. Make sure to go out of your way to get here!

This trail provides access to South Bubble Trail and Bubble Rock

This trail splits in two about 5-10 minutes in for the North and South Bubble. Make sure to do both – each offers very unique and picturesque views of the park.

How to Get There & Parking


North Bubble Loop
Mt Desert, ME 04660

Parking: Free

What To Bring

Water Bottle(s) / Snacks

Waterproof Jacket / Pants (Rain Gear)

Waterproof Hiking Shoes (Sneakers or Boots)

Waterproof Backpack

Attraction Details

This was by far my favorite hike of the whole trip. The expansive and breathtaking arial views of both Jordan Pond and Eagle Lake are simply unbeatable. This is another tough parking situation though, since there is basically a small lot, a small inlet about 5-minute walk down the road and no street parking. We tried to do this hike earlier in the trip, but simply couldnā€™t find a parking spot to do so. That being the case, we decided to make this an early morning activity to make sure that we got a spot and beat the crowds.

The Bubble trails split off after about a 5-10 minute or so walk up the trail into the North and South Bubbles. We decided to head to the North Bubble first. On the North Bubble Trail, donā€™t stop at just the view over Jordan Pond ā€“ keep following the trail through the woods towards Eagle lake an youā€™ll pop out with an epic view, pretty much to yourself.

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