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Norumbega Trail & Hadlock Ponds – Acadia National Park


Take the Goat Trail up the Norumbega trail first. I would consider this a moderate to advanced climb for the initial part of the hike, but as you keep hiking up, the incline becomes more gradual. There is an initial payoff that is pretty great, but as you move on the hike, the view completely opens and the vast and ever expanding scenery was one of the coolest things we experienced.

Quick Facts

Time Spent3 hours
Best Time to Visit?Daytime
Distance3 Miles (Roundtrip)
Type of TrailLoop
Bathroom Available?No
Cost for EntryFree
Worth It?Must Go
Hiking DifficultyModerate to Hard
Seasonal?Spring - Fall

 Note: Always check trail status and weather conditions before visiting

How to Get There & Parking


Norumbega Parking
Mt Desert, ME 04660

Parking: Free

What To Bring

Water Bottle(s) / Snacks

Waterproof Jacket / Pants (Rain Gear)

Waterproof Hiking Shoes (Sneakers or Boots)

Waterproof Backpack

Attraction Details

They don’t call this hike the Goat Trail for no reason! It is more of less a straight shot up with scrambling rocks for the first little bit of the hike, but totally opens up after and presents a breathtaking view. This trail is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy a short challenge with a big payoff, followed by a leisurely hike through the woods.

During the entire course of this 3 hour hike, we only saw one person. It was so peaceful and didn’t seem like a particularly popular hiking trail, but it was definitely one of our favorites of the entire trip. As you move on in the hike it eventually spits you out around Hadlock Ponds before leading you back on the loop path back to the parking lot. Between Hadlock Ponds and the parking lot though, there is a big patch of mossy area that was pretty incredible. We stopped for a bit to marvel in it and take a few pictures.

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