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Thingvellir – Nyrðri Leirar Camping – Þingvellir


Þingvellir – Nyrðri Leirar Camping is only a 5-minute drive from Þingvellir National Park and is the best camping area close to the park. The camping area is located right next to the Þingvellir visitors center, which is very convenient and offers food, guide maps, information and bathrooms. There is plenty of space to park and you can arrive at any time.

Þingvellir - Nyrðri Leirar Camping Car

Quick Facts

Time SpentOvernight
Worth It?Yes
Cost for Entry (Per Person)$13.50 / 1,530 ISK

Þingvellir - Nyrðri Leirar Camping Tips


You are able to pull up to the campsite at anytime during the night and you don’t need to book in advance, as there is plenty of space. The campsite is right next to a visitor’s center, which we believe is open from 7am-6pm, and offers food/drink options, as well as information.

Outdoor Facilities

Þingvellir – Nyrðri Leirar Camping offers indoor toilets, showers, but only has an outdoor dining area to cook food and running water to wash dishes. Of the campsites in the Þingvellir area, this is definitely the best one. We stopped at Camping Thingvellir first and while that is close to the water, there are minimal facilities, so we drove to this campsite instead to set up camp.

If you get in after hours, the ranger comes around to collect camping fees

If you get in after the visitor’s center is closed, you can stay the night, but the ranger comes around early in the morning (between 8-9am). You can pay them at your car, or they will give you a slip to pay inside at the visitor center when it opens in the morning.

How to Get There & Parking


Þingvellir – Nyrðri Leirar, Iceland

Parking: Included in Camping Fee

There is very large parking area with places to park for people who are camping with tents, as well as plenty of other areas to park campervans or RVs.

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